Spanning 34 years
2018 is a milestone year for us marking the completion of 34 years in serving the cause of education. So today, as we look back to the roots of our glorious tradition, it is not enough for us to merely acknowledge our indebtedness to those who by their vision and their selfless striving helped to build our rich legacy – a great vision which was started on 6th May 1984. The school is a gift of the Chief of Budha Dal, 96 Crori, Singh Sahib Jathedar Baba Santa Singh Ji, and is run by the Shiromani Budha Dal Sikh Educational Society with Singh Sahib Jathedar Baba Balbir Singh Ji, as the Chief Patron of the Managing Committee.

The overall grooming of a tender sapling requires a lot of hardwork by the gardener wherein he nurtures and nourishes it with utmost love and care and helps it to grow strong and become stable by providing a sound foundation. We, here, are conscious of our duty to educate our youth to assume their roles as not only leaders, but technocrats, doctors, members of the learned professions and therefore we attach utmost importance to the training of their intellect, strengthening their character and nourishing their spirit. Giving the students the freedom to think has empowered the students and this has been an overriding principle in the years gone by.