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Message from Principal
“Footprints in the sands of time are not made by sitting down”
School has immense faith in the above mentioned dictum and hence provides innumerable opportunities to participate in the wide range of co-curricular, cultural and sporting pursuits thus maintaining highest possible standard in student learning. The committed bunch of teachers are the pillars of the institution and they are continuously trying to imbue students with the capability of creating and handling new finer ideas and not simply repeating what others have done.

It is our constant endeavor to make each one sensitive and humane and to build a strong character that will not disintegrate when faced with temptations and hurdles.
Dr (Mrs) Amrit Aujla
We understand the true meaning of discipline and with loving firmness try to instill proper, orderly and acceptable behavior full of compassion and empathy. I firmly believe that it is discipline of self, not imposition of force. It is Gandhian ideology which teaches to have the ability to restrain from use of violence or force. To emphasize I quote Einstein’s belief:

“Try not to be a man of success but rather be a man of value”
Year after year we are introducing new reforms, new programmes, and new initiatives to ultimately improve life benefits for young learners.
The school’s ethos promotes good study habits, hard work and self motivation that enable students to be lifelong learners. In fact they are learning to be outstanding in their chosen field and are developing leadership qualities, as we believe in imbibing not only academic excellence but also value based virtues resulting in global citizens who are eloquent communicators and tolerant individuals. I end with a thought:
“Darkness is not the opposite of light, It’s just the absence of light! Like ways a problem is the absence of an idea not an absence of a solution!”

Dr. (Mrs.) Amrit Aujla