Rules Regarding Payment of Fees
1. School Fees (Tuition Fee, Bus Fee etc.) are to be paid in four quarterly instalments in a year-April, July, October, January, latest by 20th of every quarter.
2. From the 20th of the said month, fees will be accepted with a fine of Rs. 200/- per month till the end of the respective quarter.
3. Thereafter, defaulter’s name will be struck off from the rolls. Re-admission of defaulters with full admission fee will be at the discretion of the Principal.
4. Bus fee defaulters will be debarred from using the bus from 1st of the following month.
5. Annually, the school fee will be increased to meet the rising expenses.
6. Fee should be paid at Budha Dal OBC branch only. No other branch of the bank is authorised to collect school fee.
7. Facility to pay fee online or through the school app has also been extended from the current session.
* We have gone through the rules/instructions laid down by the school. We assure you that we will abide by the same.