Message from Director of Education and Advisor

Hard work is the key to success. Tennyson said, “It is better to wear out than to rust.” This is truly applicable in every sphere of our life. Nothing is possible without hard work. If we explore history, the one thing that is common in the lives of all successful men and women is their struggle to make it to the top.
Budha Dal Public School, Patiala has a bright history of shaping the destinies of the young students who, in turn, will guide the destiny of humanity. The school has always believed in imparting a comprehensive education for the many-sided and balanced development of its students.
I am sure that our students, under the benevolent and illustrious guidance of their mentors will continue to shine brightly. I hope that the current issue of CORNUCOPIA will showcase their versatility to the best advantage.
S. Karan Rajbir Singh
Director of Education and Advisor